Full-Stack Web Developer
Based in LONDON

Here, you can peruse the web apps and websites that I've had the chance to develop:

Kairos close

A weather aggregation app using Node.js and Cycle.js (with RxJS), deployed on Heroku. I fell in love with data streams and functional reactive programming building this app! I can't wait to try Elm as well now.

Discours more_vert

Discours close

I built this anonymous chat app with an upvote system, using React and Redux with a Webpack build. It is essentially a serverless stack that uses Firebase for real-time data synchronization.

Timelines more_vert

Timelines close

I used React, "vanilla" Flux and D3 to create an app to input, scale and visualize timelines. It includes user authentication and persistent data via Firebase. This was my first venture into ES6 (and ES7). Well, OK, ES2015/16. I've not looked back since!

What Now close

A productivity app with sortable tasks by urgency and context. What Now is a mobile hyrid app targeting Android and iOS. It uses Ionic (with AngularJS) in the frontend, and Firebase for persistant data and user authentication.

Art Junk more_vert

Art Junk close

A location-based photo app to retrieve art materials. It is a hybrid app targeting iOS built on top of the Snapr framework and Phonegap/Cordova. The front-end makes use of Backbone, jQuery Mobile and LESS.

John Hong more_vert

John Hong close

A portfolio website for a painter. It uses jQuery and localStorage to provide a favorite artworks feature to easily commission the artist. It is a mobile-first app with custom media-queries for a responsive experience on all screen sizes.

Fade In Films more_vert

Fade In Films close

A portfolio website for a film company. It uses jQuery plugins to provide a parralax effect, and features a custom video player.

On The Inside more_vert

On The Inside close

I founded this NY city guide start-up in 2005, which was built on top of Wordpress and PHP. I operated the business for over a year, and this is where my passion for hands-on web development was ignited.

Conceptor more_vert

Conceptor close

A landing page for an upcoming self-improvement application. It is a customized Bootstrap theme which is connected to a Mailchimp newsletter.

About Me

I'm an avid programmer and software engineer, specializing in mobile-first web applications. I've been writing front-end JavaScript (with HTML and CSS) for six years, and I am also proficient in Node.js and npm tooling.

I have developed a keen interest in functional programming and one-way data flow in the past year, using React and Cycle.Js.

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Don't hesitate to ping me. You can find me at:


thomas AT collardeau DOT com

Source Code

Check out or fork the source code for this very website. It's a simple Express app with ejs templating, and MaterializeCSS for a front-end framework.


I was a filmmaker in a previous lifetime, check out some videos on Vimeo. Here is a mood film I shot and edited on the cycling culture of the Netherlands.

Latest Movies That I've Seen

  • The Martian
  • Montage of Heck
  • The Imitation Game